Welcome to AJA Garden

This is our information page in english, ofcourse you can also always contact us by email or phone.

Landscaping company AJA Garden from Amsterdam has over 20 years of experience with garden design, landscaping and garden maintenance. As an all-round gardener, a new garden or a thorough renovation of your old garden is no problem for us. We take care of the total picture: from earthwork, (ornamental) paving and planting to timber construction and yard fencing. After the landscaping, we keep your garden in perfect condition with tailor-made garden maintenance. In short: we put all our energy into beautiful and stylish gardens for our customers.

Garden landscaping

AJA Garden offers a total package in landscaping for completely new gardens or for the renovation of your old garden, including removing everything that needs to be removed. We provide the groundwork such as excavating, leveling, raising, etc. In consultation with the customer, we make a planting plan for borders and beds. The landscaping also includes lawns, ponds, decks, garden paving, garden houses, etc. And finally, of course, the boundary fence, such as a hedge or fence.

Garden design

For a large garden, AJA Garden can first create a garden design in 2D or 3D. This is done in close consultation with the customer and we take into account all your wishes. We are also happy to advise you on garden design and planting, and take care of any requests at the land registry. Our experienced gardeners realize the garden design from A to Z, from pond construction to (decorative) paving, from garden house to planting and sprinkling. And we make it beautiful!

Garden maintenance

In a beautiful garden near your home or business premises, trees, shrubs and plants should be given the opportunity to grow and bloom. But if you want to keep the garden beautiful in the long run, garden maintenance is a must. AJA Garden offers a tailor-made garden maintenance contract: exactly what is needed at the right times. Think of pruning, cutting grass, removing weeds, etc. We use safe machines and climbing equipment for cutting and pruning trees.

Garden pavement

If the garden pavement matches the design of your garden, it forms a beautiful whole. For the driveway, garden paths and terraces, there is a wide choice of clinker, ornamental stones and tiles in many shapes and colors. AJA Garden gives you expert advice on the basis of examples. We professionally lay all types of garden paving, from traditional clinker and pavement tiles to ornamental paving, from semi-open paving (mix of stones and greenery) to tightly fitting ceramic tiles.

Timber construction

AJA Garden is a specialist in wood construction for the garden, because as a gardener we have a thing for wood! We can make everything you think of: a roof, fence, pergola, decking, shed, garden house, storage room, doghouse, etc. We tailor everything to the customer's wishes. We also assemble construction kits. We are happy to visit you with examples of all options and give you advice on models and suitable woods.